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If you believe in ghosts and aliens, do you then believe in ghost aliens?

It would be cool.And I'd say it's possible. I do not have enough reliable resources to believe in these particilar

Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, what was role of India and Pakistan in that?

Pakistan's Role:Pakistan position during the war was very clear to support the Mujahideen against Afghanistan government, which was backed by the Soviets.Pakistan trained and equipped the Mujahideen with American armaments through the military aid from the United States.India's Role:India officially recognised the Afghan government

Why are gangs allowed to form in prison?

You do realize that prison is full of people that don't give a damn about rules, don't you? Okay, well now here's something else to consider, most prisoners are in prison because society has failed to be able to control them, so they are simply separated from society. That does not mean that

Why are there still people in the 21st century still claiming a historical Jesus?

It is always difficult to escape ‘the glittering web' of false assumptions.We see the same with victims of fraud.And remember that few choose to be Christian: they are that way because they were born into and raised in a Christian culture. (Just as with other religions being regional and cultural.)This is reinforced by institutions, especially those of education.

What are some other movies similar to The Guest (2014)?

The Guest (2014)A soldier introduces himself to the Peterson family, claiming to be a friend of their son who died in action. After the young man is welcomed into their home, a series of accidental deaths seem to be connected to his presence.

Would intelligent alien life use the most efficient numerical system, and what might that look like?

Math is considered by many people to be a universal language because all human cultures have the same basic concept of math. Adding up the cost of a basket full of groceries involves the same math process regardless of whether the

How to get a text to someone who has blocked your number

if you have a smart phone..I recommend getting a google voice number.Go to your app store and download google voice. It lets you pick the area code and choose the number..Use it for text or phone.Cheers ...dont get locked up for harrassmentIf your going to get locked up..have someone video tape.

What is Nikola Tesla's first invention?

The Great (Mysterious) inventor Nikola Tesla had an answer for this query in his Autobiography (My Inventions)He revealed it.Interested people have often asked me how and when I began to invent. This I can only answer from my present recollection in the light of which the first attempt I recall

How to get the full name of a person by the use of a phone number

OK, let us assume it is 1965 in the US and the telephone penetration is to the point where 98% of homes have at least one telephone. Only about 2% are

What would happen if technology disappeared?

Beyond the very good answers on all technology, let's assume that we are reffering to only internet-connected things and knowledge on how to build them is forgotten. Not what the question asked but what it probably intended.Financial collapse as people panic at the mass loss of phones. The entire global economy collapses and martial law is declared as governments

How do religious people (think to) know they believe in the 'right' religion?

I'm a Muslim and I'm 100000000% sure that Islam is the true religion.Take a look on my small image collection...

What are people voting for?

I'm voting to restore honesty and morality in Washington. I want open and fair voting, and I want the middle and lower classes reprioritized. The emphasis on coddling the upper classes and corporations has resulted in most everyone else

How long does the sun have before it dies?

The sun is a main sequence star just shy of middle age. It has a roughly 10 billion year life within the main sequence and in approximately 5 billion years will begin its' red giant phase which marks the beginning of the end.

Why doesn't the Earth attract any planets towards it?

It does though...but, all of them attract each other, and all are also attracted to the sun, etc.Their momentum results in contantly falling toawrds each other but missing, and continuing in a ellipitcal orbit around the gravitational center of mass for the group.:D

What is the difference between a U.S citizen and a U.S national?

A US citizen is any person who is a citizen of the United States by virtue of having been born in the United States (provided that he or she was subject to the laws thereof at the time of his

What are the things that make us human?

Since I started teaching Ethics, my mind started boggling to understand the meaning of life. During this awkward (in the eyes of many of us) journey of exploring the ‘SELF', I came up with the idea, being shared here under:According to Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection, we are

What are some cool and interesting facts about outer space?

Mars is the second smallest planet in our solar system in terms of radius [3397 km] but it has the largest volcano of the entire solar system.Olympus Mons with a staggering height of 22 km is almost thrice as tall as Mount Everest at 8.8 km.

Earth (planet): Why don't we fall directly in the earth from space?

Because an astronaut outside the space station is just as much in orbit as the astronauts inside the station or the station itself. Nuts, bolts, solar panels, people, socks - if they have orbital velocity they will stay orbiting.